BACK TK1488 - 24. OKTOBER 2021 - Departing
  Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8   Destination: Istanbul (NE - NS)
  Reg: TCLCL     IATA: IST
  Info:     ICAO: LTFM
Time - UTC   Codeshare
  ST: 09:05     Flightno: TK1488
  ET: 09:05     Flightno2:
  AT: 09:23     Flightno3:
  BT: 09:14     Flightno4:
  EET: 0 min     Flightno5:
Pax   BHS
  Pax:     First:
  Minors:     Last:
Freight     Co From:
  Cargo: 0     Co To:
  Mail: 0     Chkin Type: J
BLL Display Status   Creation details
  Remark2: Departed     Created: 22-10-2021
  Remark3: Closed     Creator: tfp_gen
  DTOID: 4468361     Changed: AIMS
  DC1: 89/AM
Restrictions at of departure with or without ATFM restrictions, including Air Traffic Services, start up and pushback, airport and/or runway closed due to obstruction or weather (restriction due to weather in case of AFTM regulation only, else refer to co
  Min: 9        
  Min: 0